St Donat’s eastwards to Llantwit Major……

Well you have to give the sun 7 out of 10 today for trying! Unfortunately though the swirling sea mist won the day until about 4.30! Still it made for an interesting walk and some dramatic scenery, though today Exmoor was at best a smudge in the distance!

We parked up in the same place as yesterday, but this time we headed east and enjoyed the moody Tresilian Bay – what a place to live?

Too stony for us to play on, I always worry about Poppydog breaking something as she dashes about over the stones, without paying any head to where she is going! So we carried on to Llantwit Major Bay, only to find it is subject to a dog ban from 1st May to the end of September!

Never mind, we wandered up the wide grassy valley to the town and Poppydog was able to have a nice refreshing swim in the stream that meanders through the meadow, so all was good in her world!

We didn’t hang about in town for long, as although it was quite pretty, we didn’t find anything of particular note, so soon headed back up the other side of the valley homewards.

Two thoughts of the day:

I should be more interested in the geology of the beaches we are encountering, but I’m afraid I’m not! I just enjoy how different they all are, yet mostly so beautiful!

In this lifestyle, time has become irrelevant, I check it by way of confirmation, for example in the morning Poppydog doesn’t usually stir before 7, so if she is keen to get up, we do! When either of us is hungry we eat and when we are tired we sleep! How simple is life without time restraints? – though we pretty much follow the same schedule every day!

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