St Donat’s and the sea….ah yes…..

Another lovely sunny day, still with a stiff chilly breeze but I can live with that! We drove just a couple of miles in the car to St Donat’s and easily found somewhere to park just by the cut through to the Wales Coast Path. Very soon there it was, our first glimpse of the sea for what seems like ages.

We decided to head west today along the path and were soon following a pretty trail through woodland to start with.

All of a sudden we dropped through the trees and to our left was a wonderful expanse of glittering sea, with the hills of Exmoor visible on the horizon and the shore line a mix of rock and sand.

To our right the sprawling 13th Century castle of St Donat’s which is now an elite international residential sixth form college, looking rather splendid in the sun.

With an unusual sculpture in the field before, looking from the distance to have been made from iron, now rusting with time and exposure to the sea breeze with some seriously wild hair going on! Fab!

We left the path for awhile to have a long overdue explore of the beach at St Donat’s, which had unusual long platforms of sea smoothed rock, interspersed with strips of sand – not sure of the geology but we liked what we saw!

Access to the beach was via a grand platform, in front of a fortress type entrance to the Castle (no public access), behind which was a rather splendid looking swimming pool (college use I guess) , with a slipway running down to the sea. More importantly for us it was deserted!

So we made the most of it and played for awhile in the sun, before heading on.

Carrying along the coastal path to Nash Point encountering the two Lighthouses (the lower of the two was built to allow sailors to line up the two lights and steer clear of Nash Sands sandbank, but was decommissioned in the early 1920’s) and separate foghorn on the way.

The lighthouse was built in 1832 and was the last remaining ‘manned’ lighthouse in Wales until 1998 when it was fully automated. From here we took a glimpse down to Marcross beach, which we are saving for another day and across at where the long Nash Sands sandbank was just disappearing under the incoming tide (the line of white surf in the second photo) before heading back.

Two thoughts of the day:

I’m not sure who was more excited to see the sea me or Poppydog, mindyou she was the only one brave enough for a dip!

Even brownish sea looks fab in the sun!

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