Hello the Vale of Glamorgan…..

The day dawned bright and sunny as we took a last stroll around Tredegar House parkland, the moorhen is still sitting on her eggs, the swan is enjoying her young and rhododendrons are coming out in full bloom as we say farewell.

The sun was still shining as we packed up and drove the 31 miles to Llandow Caravan Park and certainly made it a pleasure setting up at Llandow, albeit we had to stop and sit in it with a cup of tea before really setting up home!

The site is on a disused airfield, so is nice and flat, the only downside being that it is quite breezy, so I may put up the awning tomorrow to provide a bit of a windbreak. Once sorted we set off to explore the local area and took a nearby footpath through wheat fields in the direction of Llantwit Major (love this name!).

Part way along we were struggling to find an opening in the field and came across this!

A double style! Impossible for Poppydog to get over, under or around and suitably armed with nettles to make me in my shorts wince a bit! Not to be defeated I managed to lift Poppydog over both styles and the one at the end of the footpath – really! These stone styles are apparently refurbished!! But impossible for a dog to traverse and not the easiest for us mere two legged folk – I fail to see the thought process?

Never mind, the lane back was so quiet we didn’t see any traffic – who needs footpaths? Well that’s the morning dog walk sorted and beaches to explore – oh yes!

Two thoughts of the day:

Nice to be back in the countryside again – no distant roar of the M4!

I do get rather frustrated with footpaths – either make them accessible or close them just make sure Mr O S is updated!

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