Wye-eye Valley and Tintern Abbey…

Not such a nice day today, mostly grey and overcast and with a nip in the breeze, but apart from a few spots as we were driving back it remained dry. This walk was a local recommend and we loved it – thanks Yvonne! We drove to Tintern and parked up outside the Abbey.

The Abbey is a hugely impressive structure dating back to the 13th Century with all its beautiful arches, windows and somehow without a roof it looks so gracious. In order to show it at its finest you would need to get closer and with dramatic skies peering through the stone – wow! Still it was £6.50 to get in, so we just walked around the perimeter.

From there we wandered around the village, which meanders along the valley, a pretty mix of mostly older properties all looking well loved and a plentiful choice of pubs, cafes and gift shops.

Passing and popping into the tiny little church of St Michaels, down by the side of the river at the far end of the village.

We then followed the Wye Valley Trail through meadows by the river until we came upon an Iron Bridge crossing the River Wye. Now this isn’t just any old bridge, no this takes you across to England! To the little hamlet of Brockweir, which is in Gloucestershire on the fringe of the Forest of Dean (to be fair I didn’t know this until I just googled Brockweir now, otherwise I would have done a little dance or sung a song to mark the occasion!). We wandered along the few streets, enjoying the old houses and pretty gardens.

And made our way back to Tintern, along Offa’s Dyke Path through pretty wild garlic bordered Caswell Wood, across a matching iron bridge back to Wales!

Not a long walk, about 5 miles altogether, but very pretty and don’t forget across two counties and countries! Poppydog enjoyed the freedom of running off lead through the meadows and a little dip in the Wye.

Two thoughts of the day:

I was going to cheat and buy a spectacular postcard of the Abbey and take a photo of it to prove my point about proximity and lighting but it looked as though the postcard photographer was too tight to pay the entry fee and was no luckier with the weather than I was!

Another reason not to pitch up under a tree – it started to rain this evening and the big dobs on the roof were so noisy!

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