Poppydog gets to swim in the moat of Caerphilly Castle…..

A little bit of rain overnight, but this had cleared through by the morning and the day just got better and better!

We decided to try our luck with Caerphilly and found a perfect parking spot about 3.5 miles away, enabling us to wander along Route 4 through the Rhymney Valley beside the river.

Eventually this lead us into town and the pretty impressive castle.

At £8.50 for adult entry, we gave it a miss and contented ourselves with a sit in the sunshine and for Poppydog a refreshing swim in the moat (on the lead as there were a lot of ducks and geese around and I didn’t want her getting an ideas!).

It is hard to believe from the photos that the castle sits in the centre of a busy though not very big and apart from the castle, attractive town.

After our little sit, we wandered all the way around the perimeter, enjoying the castle from every angle.

Especially the man holding up the falling turret! I wonder how long he will be able to stop it from falling?

Glad we came to look at the castle and enjoyed our riverside walk there and back, otherwise would give Caerphilly a miss!

Two thoughts of the day:

Call me a bit of an heathen, but I am much more interested in enjoying the architectural beauty of buildings than the ins and outs of their history and making!

Having the Ordnance Survey App on the phone is invaluable, it really helps find all the footpaths and best scenic options.

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