The sights of Newport…..

Another beautiful day unfolded and unwisely (because it was super hot!) we decided to walk into the city centre and see the sights!

Our first port of call was the Transporter Bridge, built in 1906, one of only 3 left in the UK and 12 worldwide. This design of Bridge was built as the river (Usk) is low lying, at this point and a significant ramp would have been required to build a bridge high enough to allow ships to pass underneath.

The bridge is still operational but more as a visitor attraction, as the suspended platform will only take a couple of cars and foot passengers and has since been replaced. I was a bit disappointed as I thought the platform would be raised up to the top! You could of course pay to go up to the top via a lot of steps! We naturally passed on this occasion as it was too many steps and too hot for Poppydog and she wouldn’t have appreciated the view!

We followed the cycle trail alongside the river, up river to the city centre and Newport Castle. Passing the main river bridge and a long pedestrian foot bridge on the way.

Just before the castle is the Steel Wave – I always wonder how much these ‘works of art’ cost and seriously in many cases what do they add?

The castle is really just a ruin wedged in between a road bridge and a railway bridge, so we didn’t linger.

The last item on the list was St Woolos (Newport Cathedral), now bear in mind the beauty and very impressive Wells Cathedral, poor St Woolos looks decidedly unloved!

The grounds were overgrown and it all appeared to be locked up! Ah well! On the way back we walked through Belle Vue Park, still busy with families enjoying the lovely Bank Holiday weather.

Well that I’m afraid are the highlights of Newport! The city is a mix of new shopping centres, housing estates and university accommodation interspersed with older and unfortunately mostly unloved estates, industrial areas and more retail and business parks than you could shake a stick at – would we come back? No, no and no!!

Two thoughts of the day:

We shall sleep well tonight – Poppydog is already there!

We were lucky to find a couple of streams for Poppydog to cool down in on our travels today, otherwise I really don’t think I should have taken her out in such heat!

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