From Goldcliff to Redwick….

Another beautiful day – oh I could so get used to this! Please? We set off for Goldcliff, went way past the turning because I thought I could remember the directions rather than use Sat Nav!! We parked up and headed straight for the coastal path and headed east. Goldcliff was named as originally there was a cliff of yellow mica, which glittered in the sunshine, this sadly has long gone, but we enjoyed the walk along the sea defence wall just the same.

There was a bit of haze over the sea, so visibility across the Channel wasn’t great – just a lone yachtsman enjoying the sun and not so stiff breeze.

As we ventured a bit further along the makings of a bay came into sight, unfortunately though it was mud not sand!

After a while we cut inland along what started out as a footpath and soon became a cattle run! Poppydog and I were soon up to our ankles in the green stuff! I so hate it when footpaths start with such promise and wait until you’ve got to the point of no return! And so we tramped into Redwick! By this time we were both hot and thirsty as well as a bit pongy! so we popped into the pub for a cold drink (and I have to confess to allowing Poppydog to clean herself on a mat in the ladies while I popped to the loo! Sorry!)

Suitably refreshed, we had a wander round. The guide informs me that this is the best preserved medieval village on the Gwent levels but there really wasn’t much to see apart from the Church (when we tried to pop in there was a Christening taking place) and a few pretty old houses that may or may not be medieval!

Still it was pretty and peaceful enough to set us up for our walk back – a different path than before mind!

Back in Goldcliff, we wandered to where the site of an old Benedictine Priory, at the time when Goldcliff was a little Island, once stood, before heading backward to the car.

Two thoughts of the day:

I am definitely a sunshine person – are you listening?

Fortunately dried cow poo falls of boots as well as dogs!

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