What a cracking day at Tredegar House…..

I can’t remember such a lovely start to the early May Bank Holiday weekend – the sun shone all day. Rather than get in the car, as originally planned, we decided to stay put and make the most of the weather and spent much of the day either wandering around or sat in the parkland, surrounding Tredegar House.

Thought quite busy, we were able to find enough solitude to keep me happy and enough activity to keep Poppydog happy, she even had a little swim in the lake to cool down!

Unfortunately Poppydog’s obsession with footballs, is not diminishing with time and she gets positively hysterical when one is being kicked or bounced within her sight or hearing. Really not sure what I can do about this, apart from try and normalise it and encourage her to just sit and watch, rather than jumping around and trying to make a run for it!

Everything looks so different and brilliant in the sun.

Two thoughts of the day:

Have noticed that a lot of caravanners seem to cook bacon outside on a stove rather than inside – sounds like quite a sensible plan.

These trees are absolutely stunning with the sun reflecting through the leaves.

One thought on “What a cracking day at Tredegar House…..

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