A walk through Wentwood Forest…..

Only a little peep of sunshine here and there, but dry and reasonably mild, so for the start of May Bank Holiday, I call that a win!

We drove up to and parked at the free car park at Foresters Oaks in Wentwood Forest, a 870 acre ancient woodland (the largest in Wales) and with the help of Mr OS navigated a circular route covering about 6.5 miles of either wide track (also serving as fire breaks) or narrow meandering trails.

Every now and then the woodland would break (where they are gradually replanting the old species of tree) and you would get stunning views across towards the Brecon Beacons or across the Bristol Chanel.

It was a lovely walk, with just birdsong for company, Poppydog was delighted to be ‘off roading’ and was soon suitably grubby, finding as many muddy puddles as she could!

I was glad of Mr OS, as many of the tracks and pathways looked similar and you could quite easily be wandering around aimlessly for hours or days! with nobody about to ask for help, but we loved it! Especially this area that was carpeted with Bluebells.

A few more fine days will see this area a thick carpet of blue! Throughout the woodland there were little clumps of wildflowers- it’s seems Spring has sprung. So May is the new March?

A few miles out of town and beauty abounds!

Two thoughts of the day:

The site is filling up fast for the Bank Holiday weekend – no sign of any kids running around though yet – here’s hoping!

Couldn’t resist buying a tulip solar light for the garden – not quite sure what to do with it!!!

3 thoughts on “A walk through Wentwood Forest…..

      • Green and smelly. Lovely!
        Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate the feedback – I am trying to write about the skiing so that both skiers and non-skiers can understand, so thank you for letting me know that I am still not speaking in lay-person’s terms. When you have been doing something for long enough, the jargon gets ingrained!


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