Peterstone Wentlooge as did we, along the coastal path….

A very pleasant day with plenty of ‘sunny intervals’ was what the Welsh Gods bestowed upon us today, for which I thank Them kindly! Since we arrived here on site the trees under which we are pitched, have suddenly sprung into life and what was originally offering dappled sunlight is now affording almost total shade! So we planned to move into the neighbouring pitch, however as I was merrily chatting away to a neighbour along came the first of the bank holidayites and whipped it from in front of my eyes – serves me right for dallying!

We went in the car a few miles down the coast towards Cardiff to the little village of Peterstone and picked up the coastal path from there, heading towards Cardiff. The path is the same as before, with a wide track behind the sea defences and a narrower track running along the top, which after giving the grazing horses a wide berth, we opted for.

There is a wide expanse of grassland on the seaward side, which looked too boggy to walk upon, but am guessing is only submerged during particularly high tides, this grassland was littered with bleached logs and branches a driftwood collectors dream.

Across the Chanel you could clearly see the Somerset coastline in the distance.

As the footpath turned inland to meander its way around the docks of Cardiff, we about turned and made our way back, the horses, not having budged, ensured that we did not miss our footpath back into Peterstone.

We went to take a quick sneaky look at the church to find that it was all closed off behind locked railings and has been turned into a house!

Two thoughts of the day:

Need to write a checklist for picking a pitch on site.

Lying on the sofa here, there is a beautiful array of different coloured trees visible through the windows and skylights- this really is living close to nature (without being cold or wet or anything horrid!) – how lucky am I?

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