The Sirhowy Valley Walk to Fourteen Locks……

As forecast it rained during the night and was still raining when Poppydog and I went for our walk around the Parkland but it gradually moved on and by late morning the sun was out pretty much to stay for the day.

Off we went, following the Sirhowy Valley Walk, which led us a merry dance through residential areas, over and under a network of busy roads (including the M4), across parkland, open fields, along alleyways and wasteland until we reached the Fourteen Locks.

On the way we got some amazing views from the Ridgway. All that open countryside just waiting to be explored.

Before joining the cycle route along the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal to the Cefn Flight of 14 locks raising the water level 50m over a stretch of 740m.

The locks were completed in 1799 but replaced by rail and closed in 1949. Sadly they have since becomes derelict and the Canal totally overgrown, though lottery funding has enabled 2 sets of the locks to be refurbished along with a rather elaborate Visitor Centre (for 2 sets of lockgates?).

By the visitor centre was a pretty pond providing the perfect spot for a nice cup of tea, sitting in the sun, watching the ducks and yes little ducklings.

The return journey was more of a route march along busy highways (most have decent cycle/footpaths fortunately!) apart from the first stretch along the canal.

Two thoughts of the day:

This was an almost 10 mile round trip and all for a mile stretch of tranquility? Definitely heading out of town tomorrow!

Pitching under a couple of trees was probably not my best move- the car is covered with seed heads so I imagine the caravan roof is too!

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