West Usk Lighthouse and the sea?…….

A coolish breeze accompanied a partly sunny day here at Tredegar and so after a morning walk, breakfast and faffing around time, we set off in search of the sea.

Now our first impressions of the Wales Coast Path, when we found it, hiding around the back of an housing estate, was not great! Totally overgrown and a couple of blind alleys later it eventually joined a dirt track.

We followed the track through some rather scrubby looking farmland and past a couple of rather smelly farms and appeared to be bound for some industrial looking dock land which all looked rather breathtakingly ugly!

When the track took a sudden turn and there nestled amongst some trees was West Usk Lighthouse.

Oh yes and the sea? Well the mudbanks of the River Usk as it joins the Bristol Chanel would be a more accurate description!

The Lighthouse was completed in 1821 and then decommissioned in 1922 and has since been restored and is currently operating as a B&B. Nice place to stay for the novelty and view but can’t recommend the walks!

As there was nowhere to sit and enjoy we pressed on, unfortunately though for some reason the coastal path runs along behind the bank so you can’t enjoy the views as you walk!

When we did venture up onto the bank for the last bit of our intended walk, we were joined by a herd of cows, who really did not get the whole concept of personal space!

So we scooted down these steps pretty sharpish and made our return journey via the lanes. It was a good 8.5 mile round trip but will not be entered up there with the finest we have enjoyed!

Two thoughts of the day:

I’ve got one more walk from site up my sleeve then I think we need to take refuge in a trip out in the car!

Apart from the noise and light pollution here, the air smells funny! Sort of man made kind of funny!!

4 thoughts on “West Usk Lighthouse and the sea?…….

  1. I love that you show your walks ‘warts and all’!
    We tend to track lighthouses 1. because we were married in one and 2. because they are usually in beautiful places…
    I think West Usk may be an exception…!


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