Llangennith a step too far from the beach….

A bit of a damp start again, but it cleared up around midday with the sun making an appearance and it is still so lovely and warm. We had to hang around for awhile today, waiting for Poppydog’s food to be delivered or not as the case turned out to be! After loitering around reception (the site staff are not supposed to sign for guest deliveries) for half an hour of our hour delivery slot we got a phone call from my sister-in-law to say that they had tried to deliver the food to Cornwall!

So without further ado we set off for Llangennith which turned out to be a tiny little hamlet overlooking Llangennith Bay (the far end of Rhossili Bay). Parking in the village was not an option so we returned back up onto the hill above and taking in the fantastic views, set off from there.

Through the hamlet of Llangennith with its pretty church and cottages.

And on down the valley.

It was a bit further than we thought (about 3 miles so far) so once we reached the sand dunes, I’m afraid we decided to turn back! On a positive note, there was a little parking area tucked away at the edge of the dunes – so we will be back!

Two thoughts of the day:

Just watched bits of BGT – is it me or are some of them beyond weird?

Also how is it Britain’s Got Talent when they aren’t from Britain?

Killing time at Killay Marsh Nature Reserve……

Rather a damp one today, started with some pretty heavy (well noisy anyway!) rain at about 2am and then fairly light rain on and off most of the day! So we decided not to visit any beaches and find a walk close to site. Killay Marsh Nature Reserve, sounded like a plan, with Route 4 running all the way through, meaning that it would be tarmac and reasonable level, so off we went.

Indeed it was a pleasant enough walk, albeit not the most thrilling, as it was literally mile after mile of tree lined pathway! I have no doubt that there was marshland somewhere but we didn’t see it! You could of course meander off onto other pathways, but these seemed to mostly be for serious off road cycling and I’ve had one close encounter with a cyclist this week!

Anyhow we pressed on until we’d had our quota of walking and fresh air before turning round and walking back again.

Two thoughts of the day:

Even though my adventure is mostly planned around the coastline, I do enjoy the odd foray into the countryside, but so far have not found this area very appealing!

Is it time for the children to go back to school yet? There are considerably less caravans on site but seem to be more little bods aimlessly belting around on their bikes and scooters!

At the other end of Whiteford Sands we have Broughton Bay….

Another lovely day, maybe a bit more cloud in the sky but easily as warm, so as we are on a roll off we went. We parked in the same place as yesterday and walked over the dunes down to the beach. The footpath joins the beach at Hills Tor which as far as I can make out is the dividing line between Whiteford and Broughton, so today we went left or south of you prefer and enjoyed Broughton Bay.

As there is another car park and a couple of caravan sites at the Broughton end there were a few more people around but we still enjoyed a lovely paddle all the way along the shoreline to where the beach ran out (we didn’t quite make it in time to nip around the headland to the next bay). Looking back from the sea with Prisson’s and Hills Tor exposing rock amongst the dunes and soft white sand – beautiful!

The incoming tide very quickly makes its presence known so we paddled back towards the white sand, where Poppydog attempted to burrow her way towards Oz, whilst I enjoyed sitting in the sun, in the soft sand, watching the world go by and flicking the freshly excavated sand out of my face!

Back on site this evening the sun was an amazing orange globe through the trees, so Poppydog and I went for a closer look – not the best backdrop with the electricity pylons but you get the idea!

Two thoughts of the day:

Think I might take a sneaky day back at Whiteford Sands just to sit on the beach, rather than walking around the headland later on.

The smell of BBQ’s on site tonight was outrageous! Still a lot of faff for one though!

Whiteford Sands and Burrows a stunning start to the Gower…..

A beautiful sun shiny day and lovely and warm from the off- how rare for a Bank Holiday? We thought we would try and find somewhere a bit out of the way to avoid the crowds and what a success! We parked up in Llanmadoc with it’s pretty little church, perched high up above the Whiteford Sands and Burrows.

We followed the coastal path through the dunes.

Up over the last dunes and wow look at this.

Beautiful soft white sand, followed by acres of yellow damp sand (better for walking on) and in the distance is that sea blue?

Well almost, a bit sandy in the shallows but it was warm – seriously warm, so we walked all the way along in the shallows.

There were very few people around apart from a small group of cockle farmers (or whatever you call them) and the odd couple walking as we walked towards Whitehead Point and it’s Lighthouse.

At the far end of the beach we sat awhile (well I did!) and enjoyed the sunshine and distant views of the beaches over the inlet in Pembrokeshire.

Eventually we carried on around the Point and were treated to views up the estuary, more sand and marshland (bright with yellow irises).

Then it was time to head back through the dunes and enjoyed a forest walk back.

A stunning walk and beautiful day out!

Two thoughts of the day:

I got totally taken out by a small child on a bike this morning, from behind so I didn’t see it coming! Much as it is nice for them to have the freedom to roam around the site, they should learn to watch where they are going first!

Just seen the freak rainfall in the Midlands yesterday – how awful!

The Gower Peninsula and all it’s beaches await….

A little bit of rain during the night and first thing, but all was clear by the time we left Llandow and the sun was in full swing by the time we got to Gowerton. We were soon in and settled, so decided to enjoy a sunny walk from the site. Encouraged by the fact that the coastal path runs by the entrance, we decided to follow its lead. However the first mile or so was roadside along a little used lane with vast areas of marshland to one side of us. Then the path ran alongside parkland and past the remains of Loughor Castle.

A short way on from here was Loughor Bridge over the very tidal estuary and lucky for us, a small tidal beach (mostly sandy) with easy access to the river for Poppydog to cool down – as we were really very hot by now.

I was sort of tempted but not – I need clear waters! Pretty view of the mountains beyond the estuary.

On the way back we popped into this little church with a view.

Two thoughts of the day:

I really am very indecisive when it comes to choosing a pitch but I pulled it off this time!

Poppydog has already decided that the best action takes place on the other side of the van – which she can keep an eye on from the shade under the van!