A bit of sunshine and the gardens of Tredegar…..

Twas a bit nippy out there this morning – now is this the effect of travelling north or just a cold wind? Still we haven’t let snow or freezing temperatures put us off yet, so we had a stroll around the parkland before breakfast, ideal for Poppydog and I was quite happy too.

Later we thought we would venture outside this world of Tredegar and follow Percoed Lane a footpath running along side Percoed Reen which according to Mr OS is a small steam or gully. Well it took some finding and then turned out to be very disappointing!

What started out just to be a grassy bank along the edge of an housing estate and a rather stagnant little manmade drainage dyke, gradually developed into a proper footpath running along the same little dyke with electric pylon littered grassy wasteland running along the back of some kind of industrial estate! Not quite the stroll in the country I had planned!

At least it was mostly sunny and peaceful (if you block out the roar of the M4 which seems to be a constant!) and we eventually found a circular route back to site. As the sun was still shining, I thought we would add a bit of beauty to our day, by taking a wander through the gardens at Tredegar.

Admire the intricacy and workmanship of the gates.

The magnificence of the stable block is only slightly exceeded by the house it’s self!

The gardens themselves, quite formal in style and just beginning to show colour gave us the tranquility and freshness we needed to round off our day.

Two thoughts of the day:

This area is a lot more built up than I expected but never mind that is what the car is for!

Am missing the sea!

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