The wind was whipping up quite a surf at Cheddar Reservoir……

Another grey day, but with quite a stiff breeze blowing, making it feel a bit chilly too! Still tomorrow is the day, allegedly! Today we thought we would follow the Strawberry Line (Route 26 cycle path) and head towards Axebridge – well that was the plan..

Something to do with being unable to complete this section as there are bats hibernating in a tunnel?!!! Anyhow it was a simple detour around a section of the Cheddar Reservoir.

We then rejoined Strawberry Line until Axebridge, which was a nice gentle stroll through a tree lined walk.

Rather than venture into Axebridge today, we rejoined the walk around the Reservoir at Axebridge Sailing Club and watched a few brave wind surfers who were out enjoying the brisk breeze.

The ducks however, were finding it a tad choppy and were cowering around the edge!

A tumble of black faced, scruffy looking sheep popped up to wind (successfully) Poppydog up – I am so glad I had decided to keep her on a lead! I am not actually sure what she would do, hopefully just chase them, but I always imagine a ‘Fenton like’ episode!

The distant Mendip Hills add a certain drama as a backdrop to the choppy waters of the Reservoir don’t you think?

Two thoughts of the day:

Now the heatwave is due tomorrow- is it going to arrive?

Really looking forward to a family get together here at the weekend.

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