Cheddar Gorge or cheese?….

Wayhay! The sun was actually shining when we went out for our morning walk.

It did however soon cloud over, but it stayed dry with little glimpses of sunshine, so am happy with that! Later we went to explore Cheddar a little more and found the old village to be a fun mix of shops, galleries and tea rooms. From the pretty ponds, streams and waterfalls in the centre.

To the Cheddar Cheese shop and an old fashioned sweetie shop with its own doorway for Oompa Loompas!

We even found some old skeletons basking in the sun, laughing at us passerby’s peering in at them.

And a wooden horse enjoying the view from its veranda, which it shared with an army of wooden ducks wearing hobnailed boots (was very tempted by these) and lots of other wooden delights.

Oh and we thought these Easter window displays in a tea room were delightful.

To complete our tour, we walked up through the gorge, following the roadside, as we seemed to have missed the footpath somehow! The Gorge us just beautiful, so peaceful and serene and yet incredibly overpowering looking up the sheer magnificence of the rocks. The only sounds are those of the birds up high and the bleeting of the odd mountain goat as they graze their way through the greenery, perched in the most precarious little ledges.

The limestone Gorge is in the Mendip Hills, formed after the ice age, with the river now running underground through the caves until it emerges at the bottom of the gorge in Cheddar. We shall explore the caves at a later date but for today we really enjoyed walking up the gorge and taking in its sheer magnificence!

Two thoughts of the day:

Jacob’s ladder, 274 steps up to a viewing tower (which is closed to refurb until the summer) on top of the cliff and you have to pay for the privilege! Might just take a rain check on that one!

Only a few miles (15) inland from our last stop, but very different countryside.

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