Inland a bit to Cheddar…..

Still grey, really is getting rather tedious! Just to help us along we had rain whilst we broke camp and more when we set up camp, in between it was dry!

Still once we were all set up in our new location, just on the outskirts of the village of Cheddar it was dry, so we set off to explore. Immediately from the site is access to a footpath that follows the river Axe (the old one apparently!) so though a little muddy this will do nicely for our morning walks.

Or as we did today, the footpath which is also a cycle path that leads into the centre of the village. We had a nice wander around, few shops, cafes, this rather charming monument and a rather splendid church.

Will no doubt discover more as the week progresses, but a good hour and half round trip was enough for today, it is surely wine o clock?

Two thoughts of the day:

Dead chuffed with myself for hitching up and unhitching completely unaided! And in the rain ☔️

Now let’s see if the weathermen are as good at predicting good weather as they have been of predicting bad of late!

2 thoughts on “Inland a bit to Cheddar…..

  1. Hi Clare

    Hopefully some better weather on the way now. Cheddar is lovely, we took our dog on the open top bus! Poppy might enjoy a bus ride.

    Enjoying your blog.



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