Time for a spring clean…..

It started off grey, again but with very poor visibility as well but that was just a fob off and by lunchtime the mist had gone and the cloud was starting to break up – it never quite managed full sun until about 4 but it was certainly the brightest it’s been for ages. We purposefully had a good long walk and runabout on the beach this morning, especially as we were up and out before 7! Because I had things to do!

With all this wet stuff, the car and caravan (‘Maz’ and ‘Peggy’) are looking a little on the grubby side – time for a wash methinks. Without further ado, armed with cloth and bucket we set to – well Poppydog was no help at all but at least she sat quietly in the doorway making sure I didn’t miss any bits!

Eight buckets of water and one cloth (that will never recover) later, both were gleaming like new again.

What about the roof you say? Well I can’t see it so it must be ok, I reply! What about inside? Hey, I’ve got to pace myself, I am on holiday after all!

By the time I’d finished, Poppydog had decided she had had enough of sitting around, it was time we were off and about again, so I bowed to peer pressure and we went for a lovely walk along the beach in the almost full sunshine.

We even ventured out for a proper look at the mishappen boat.

A lovely relaxing day.

Two thoughts of the day:

A beautiful Magnolia just come into bloom, perhaps Spring is really here?

The smell of neighbouring BBQ’s is so appealing, but way too much faff for one!

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