Uphill – struggle? Not really…..

At the risk of sounding boring, it was yet another grey day – ok so it does sound boring and is – so bring on the sunshine!

This afternoon we returned to Uphill for a closer look at the village, which really just has Weston-Super-Mare’s golf course to thank for not being swallowed into Weston-Super-Mare itself.

The village is actually on the flat but we went uphill to look at the 14th C windmill, that has been made into a fabulous viewing point and beacon, which on a clearer day would have offered splendid views for miles around.

At each point there was an informative sign, explaining what you were potentially looking at and what else is in the direction but too far to be seen! For example in this direction Newport is 16 miles away, Liverpool 150, Edinburgh 325 and the North Pole is 3000! I like useful little facts like this.

We then moved on to the Norman Church of St Nicholas, perched up on top of the hill, but sadly now no longer considered safe and replaced in Victorian times with the current church of St Nicholas down in the village.

Up on top by the church, it was incredibly peaceful and thought provoking just being and looking (whilst Poppydog happily played in the grass). As per no one was about – ideal! On the way down, this sign caught my eye and made me think, but to be honest, I’m still not sure I quite get it! How frustrating, because it sounds very profound!

We then returned to sea level and had a quick walk along the beach, stopping awhile to watch the wind karts in action (not that there was much wind!).

As we looped back through the village on our return, a couple of properties really took my eye.

The Old Rectory

And a random cottage

Oh yes and the Bluebell Field looks about a week to 10 days off absolute beauty.

Two thoughts of the day:

These little village gems we keep finding are so tranquil and interesting!

The more I travel, the more ignorant I feel! Why were churches built in such seemingly difficult to reach places? Why is the architecture of yesteryear so much more fascinating than that of today? What actually is our generation going to leave behind, that will be of any interest for generations to come?

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