A closer look at Sand Bay….

Another grey but dry day – has the sun gone away for ever? Still we had a good runaround on the beach this morning until even Poppydog was losing interest in chasing the ball (well momentarily anyhow)! At lunchtime we made our way back to Sand Bay, parking up at the south end of the beach in a small, free and mostly underwater car park and went for a stroll.

The beach is probably about a mile long and like all the others along this stretch of coastline, sand that becomes increasingly more muddy, as you head out towards the sea. There are also patches of pebbles and a lot of marshland, particularly the north end of the beach, which is all grass covered boggy, sandy mud.

The beach is not very attractive, but great for dog walking as it just goes on and on. In fact it was very busy with dog walkers, so apart from some stone chasing at the far end, Poppydog had to stay on lead. We enjoyed a good walk from end to end and took a little detour to have a look around Kewstoke, but I’m afraid there wasn’t much to see, so after collecting some pebbles for painting, we returned to camp.

Two thoughts of the day:

Would these beaches be much more attractive if the sun was shining? I’m not convinced they would be.

Popped into Waitrose today for the first time in years (since I lived in The Offords 15 years ago!) but almost immediately popped back out again. Since when have you needed a dictionary to work out what your looking at?

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