Burnham-on-Sea to Highbridge along Brue Pill…

After another drenching this morning on our beach walk, the rain abated mid morning and though remaining unispiringly grey, stayed away for the rest of the day. At lunchtime we popped into Burnham-on-Sea and parked up at the far end (southerly) of the esplanade as we planned to walk along and over Brue Pill (a tributary to the River Parrett) along the coastal path. Well that was the plan!

We set off down the gravelled track, which though not particularly attractive, was nice and peaceful (oh yes and very flat!) and meandered along for about a mile. At this point according to Mr OS, after going around the houses (literally) a bit, we cross Brue Pill and start back to the coast along the other side, but….

As we squeezed our way down the path, which went on for quite a way, until after crossing the river, whereupon the footpath turned into a very muddy track across low lying farmland – sorry call me a fairweather walker but I am not squelching through mud and gaining a lagged Springer unless there is something worthwhile at the end! According to Mr OS, no such excitement loomed, so we plodded back to civilisation. We veered into Highbridge, didn’t like it, (too busy and built up) so headed back towards the seafront at Burnham. We cut through a huge estate (not pleasant) to walk through the rather grandly named Apex Leisure and Wildlife Centre.

A largish Park with a fishing lake and some ducks (unless I missed something!) and atleast 3 lottery grants worth of playing areas, all looking rather used and abused rather than cherished!

Why do they do this? Apply for some form of funding, stick a whole lot of expensive equipment in an grassy area, knowing full well that the council will never be able to afford to maintain it and hope that people will look after it?

It is such a shame, but to me it seems that this whole area is more about surpressing nature than encouraging it and even the fabulous stretches of beach, though mostly litter free are just grey and drab – am I just seeing it at its worst?

We popped down onto the beach for a runaround before heading back to camp.

Two thoughts of the day:

I hope the welsh side of the channel is more inspiring.

I guess I won’t be offered any kind of marketing position by the Somerset Tourism Board!

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