Weston-super-Mare- had to be done……

Dry but mostly grey day today, though the sun has come out a treat now, just in time for wine o clock!

Well we have had a lovely long walk today, from Uphill (free street parking) past this lovely gatehouse – what a place to live.

Onto the beach, which is another mostly sand wide expanse of beach, stretching for almost two and half miles and the difference between low and high tide is a mile, so again swimming from the beach could be quite a stretch.

Parts of the beach are sectioned off for various wind sport activities, though nothing happening today as it was pretty flat calm. It was quite busy, especially around the pier area, with donkey rides, pony rides and way too many footballs for Poppydog to even get a whiff of ‘off roading’!

At the far end of town (we didn’t venture into the town at all as it was too busy) is a large natural swimming pool with a separate sandy cove, with a walkway across the sea.

Right at the end is a disused pier to Birnbeck Island, which has been closed, apart from access for the RNLI, since 1994, which to be honest looks pretty spooky, with the shell structure of the pier and buildings – though there is an active group trying to achieve regeneration – good luck with that!

All along the seafront are some splendid looking buildings and on the whole the town still reflects its Victorian influence, with quite a nice feel to it.

On the way back across the golf course, perched up on a hill is Uphill Church and the remains of a windmill that need further investigation.

We walked past the Bluebell Field and Plantation, to early for the bluebells but these primroses caught my eye.

Two thoughts of the day:

How lovely to sit outside this evening, enjoying a glass of wine in the sunshine.

I do like it when a plan comes together.

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