Just loving this beach…..

Grey day today, with one very heavy shower that caught us on our way back from the beach this morning and we were wet!!!!

Still as the novelty of being able to walk to the beach hasn’t worn off, we went for a really nice long walk again this afternoon, almost as far a Burnham-on-Sea.

We watched awhile as someone was para- something or other (it had an engine with a sort of fan to propel it) along, just above the beach.

For the first time we also ventured across the sand to take a closer look at the remains of a stranded boat and didn’t encounter an quick sand or mud! This is the SS Nornen, a Norwegian boat that went aground during storms and ultimately sank in the sand in March 1897. All the crew where taken to safety by the Burnham-on-Sea lifeboat.

And then back through the scrub covered dunes – very pleasant and peaceful – quite a lazy day really.

Two thoughts of the day:

Not sure what the fascination is with sitting under this corner of the caravan, but when outside it is Poppydog’s favourite place!

There is something about sitting outside – you don’t really have to do anything just sit, watch and enjoy, whereas inside, I always feel like I should be doing something!

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