We wandered into Brean and right back out again!…..

Another fine day, nowhere near as sunny but dry and mild all the same. We slept in a bit so the beach was busier this morning so we had a good wander through the dunes as well before returning to site for breakfast. In the afternoon we wandered down to Brean, mainly so the I could take photos to show you how awful it is!

Enough said! But then you get onto the beach and it is a whole different story.

You can easily walk for miles without really encountering any one and the sand is really firm so easy to walk on.

Oh and I guess if you need a job selling burgers or pony rides, these are not bad locations?

Two thoughts of the day:

Feeling a little bit of warmth on my cheeks, not sure if that is sun or wind! Maybe both.

We have been on the road now for six months and still loving every minute – we really are ‘living the dream’.

2 thoughts on “We wandered into Brean and right back out again!…..

  1. Hi Clare

    I’ve been busy catching up on all of your posts from the last few weeks. The weather has been a challenge I’m sure but hopefully you’ll be getting some sunshine, I hope we do too.

    We’ve just been to Spain for a few days, my friend teaches there so we go every year if we can.

    We have a few weekends booked in the motorhome and a tour of Scotland in the ‘summer’. We also have a house booked in May in the Lakes, there’s 18 of us going so should be interesting!!

    Take care Sandra

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hi Sandra – Spain looked lovely, I bet the sun and warmth was so good! I am having a welsh adventure this year – am almost done planning my sites, tending to stay a fortnight in each, which I reckon will take me to November, then visiting friends till Christmas! Am looking forward to watching your travels, especially Scotland. Take care and enjoy


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