A lovely sunny walk on Brean Down…..

What a beautiful day! With blue skies from the outset, we had a lovely beach walk, this morning.

It was so lovely that we spent most of the day on site, just enjoying sitting out in the sunshine. Poppydog was content keeping an eye on everything going on around site and I am still trying to get our Wales trip organised, trying to find quiet sites for the main school holidays!

However, mid afternoon, we decided to pop down to the other end of Brean, where the NT have a car park and cafe at the base of Brean Down. Brean Down is owned by the NT and is a natural pier extending some one and a half miles into the Bristol Channel with a Victorian Fort at the end. The walk starts with some pretty hideous steps.

You then walk along the spine of the down which affords fantastic views over Berrow Flats on one side and Weston-super-Mare on the other.

There is a small monument at the highest point and the grassy ridge makes for very pleasant walking.

From just beyond the monument you get your first glimpse of the Fort.

Looking back over Berrow Flats, the expanse of sand is vast – it must be quite a challenge to go for a swim (the darker area to the right is the sea)!

The Fort was originally built in the 1860’s and then recommissioned for WWII.

The views from the Fort are outstanding. Here we looking across at Minehead and ultimately out to sea – it all looks rather moody, I think.

The return walk is along the north side of the pier, along a roadway, that would have originally served the Fort and doesn’t end in steep steps!

Two thoughts of the day:

Do you know, I think this is only the second nice day this year?

The hard water here makes tea look a really dark grey colour and leaves an awful scum around the cup but it tastes ok, so all is well!

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