A walk along the esplanade at Burnham on Sea….

The day dawned grey but dry and apart from a few very light showers, stayed that way. We had a lovely long walk along the beach again this morning – half seven is definitely the time to go – after the working dog walkers and before the non working ones!

This afternoon we popped into Burnham-on-Sea, parked up on the front and took a leisurely stroll along the esplanade (when is an esplanade a promenade and visa versa?).

The beach (which is still part if Berrow Flats) is still sandy here though much shallower (you can actually see the sea) and at the far end just make out Stert Island.

It is a strange beach, all the signs warn of sinking sand and mud at low tide, so nobody appears to go out very far – how does this work in the summer? Does everyone just pack in to the inner most sandy bit or do people actually go out into the sea? Will ask the question and let you know.

Halfway along is a very short pier which is basically an Amusement Arcade (the white blob on the right) on stilts!

At the far end of Burnham heading south, the esplanade leads onto a trail following a very muddy tidal inlet (which we may return and explore) with some pretty stranded looking boats!

That is some pretty serious looking mud – not a place for Poppydog to go ‘off roading’!

Burnham itself? Well from what I saw, looking fairly depressed.

Two thoughts of the day:

Not falling in love with the Somerset coastline! Well the beach is good but you know the rest of it!

When is Spring coming?

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