The beach to Berrow and the back road to Brean….

After raining all night it was still raining albeit lightly when we set out for our morning walk at about 7.30, and drizzled on us until we got back about 9.30, before finally stopping! We set off and were soon on the beach, which, was predictably much quieter this morning and so Poppydog enjoyed some great ‘off roading’ time.

The last of the tide came in and the sky started to break as we wandered along, only meeting the occasional jogger on our travels.

After about an hour, we turned in across the dunes to the parish church of Berrow, which had an absolutely fabulous stained glass window, alas this photo doesn’t do it any justice.

From there we walked back to the site along the coast road. Unfortunately much of this was literally on the road, which was not a pleasant experience, with the surprisingly high volume of traffic.

This mornings experience didn’t teach me a thing, as in the afternoon we decided to wander along the road in the opposite direction and using the road that runs parallel to the coast road, on the assumption that it would be quiet! Wrong!

So we struggled along the back road through some fairly uninteresting countryside, frequently skipping out of the way of passing vehicles.

The most interesting things to catch our eyes were:

A pair of swans, splashing about in a waterlogged field.

This road sign – what does ‘zone entry’ mean?

And evidence of a faulty line painting machine (or operator!).

Anyhow, we persevered and ended up in Brean, dipped out to look at the beach.

Then walked back along the coastal road (busy but with a footpath) through Brean. At this point my battery went on my phone, so at some point we will visit again, just so that I can show you what a hideous place it is!

Now what I haven’t mentioned is the fact that all the way along this strip from Berrow to Brean is holiday park after caravan park, thousands of static caravans and chalets all packed in together – there is even a Pontin’s (I thought they went bust years ago!), interspersed with amusement arcades, a biggish play park and crazy golf. The air is thick with the smell of burgers and candy floss and the sound of bursts of tinny music – am I painting a picture? Good, because it is that bad!

Two thoughts of the day:

It would seem that the Victorians stayed on the train through Somerset, just disembarking when they got to Devon and that this coastline was just discovered in the 1930’s!

No matter, the beach is nice, long and close by, the site is quiet and spacious, all I can hear is birdsong and the distant sound of children playing and look at view of the evening sky through the window!

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