Halfway between Berrow and Brean….

The best day of the weekend, so far, the sun tried very hard to break through the clouds and the rain held off until nearly 5pm!

Today was moving on day and we were doing really well with packing up and getting going, until I started chatting to a welsh couple who were giving me loads of suggestions for where to stay once we get into Wales and so it was almost midday by the time we set off! Still after a trouble free journey we were on our new pitch before two.

Hurn Lane CAMC site is about halfway between Berrow and Brean, just north of Burnham on Sea or south of Weston-Super-Mare, whichever you prefer and more importantly, just 10 minutes walk from the middle of a fabulous 6 mile stretch of sandy beach!

The tide was so far out, you couldn’t see the sea or Bristol Channel as is more the case. There are warnings about the sand / mud exposed at low tide as being dangerous from the point that you might sink in it, so as with everyone else enjoying the beach we kept eel on the firm sand. Poppydog is so going to love her new morning walk route!

Unfortunately this afternoon the beach was quite busy and so she soon attached herself to another group of people, who were clearly having so much more fun and ended up having to be put back on the lead!! She really is a fool into herself! Still early mornings we should be fine.

Two thoughts of the day:

This site is packed, but I am reliably informed that tomorrow brings about a mass exodus, but in reality we are going to have to get used to there being more people around.

Nice roast chicken dinner and glass of rose beckons.

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