Watchet to Doniford but didn’t quite make it to St Audries Bay….

Having rained all night it eventually dried up around lunchtime so we decided to take a chance and visit St Audries Bay, which is the last beach in this area. We drove to Doniford but were almost back in Watchet by the time we found somewhere to park and after about half a mile of road walking we found the coastal path. Firstly we walked along Doniford Bay, which is really just the other end of Helwell Bay and still as unattractive, I’m afraid.

Yes Poppydog is barking, because I didn’t bring a ball with me!!!! We walked as far as we could, before a deep and fast flowing stream and a holiday park along the top cut us off and so we had to about turn! We then spent a frustrating hour or so, following the coastal path as it appeared to disappear into the huge holiday park. The holiday park was my biggest nightmare- rows and rows of static caravans all on top of each other, with a big entertainment complex in the middle – we dodged gangs of kids, bored looking families, neat little manicured pooches and worst of all encountered 3 groups bouncing a football which had Poppydog screeching and swinging around on a very short lead, absolutely beside herself!! Needless to say we got out of there double quick! We still failed to pick up the coastal path and then at the third attempt of walking up and down- we found a ‘footpath closure due to land slip notice’. This involved a huge detour along the roadside so I’m afraid we gave it a miss! Instead we wandered along to have a look at Doniford Halt, the small but perfectly formed little Station.

The West Somerset Railway, is a 20 mile heritage line, running from Bishops Lydeard to Minehead. I must admit the sound of a steam train chugging through the valley is quite unique and very jolly!

Two thoughts of the day:

The river Exe looks fit to burst and that is just at this end! It was a raging, light brown torrent this morning, when we took our morning walk (in the rain!).

How can I cure Poppydog of this absolute hysteria when she encounters or even hears in the distance a football bouncing?

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