Rain so stopped play…..

Well you have to feel so sorry for all those poor folk who have taken the opportunity for a quick break over Easter, I know we are resilient holidayers but wall to wall rain all day? Really! At one point it was even snowing heavily, not settling at all but snowing non the less.

Poor Poppydog has had her snout well and truest glued (literally!) to the window all day just watching the rain!

Whereas I have been busy sorting photos, creating and uploading a new beaches guide to this blog (not finished but check it out anyway) and planning our summer welsh adventure! So all in all not a bad day for either of us!

Two thoughts of the day:

I would not want to be in a Campervan today, it seems every time they want to do anything they are in and out like yoyo’s!

So far Somerset is not fairing very well on the beach front, I wander what the next couple of weeks will bring, up near Western Super Mare?

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