Watchet – why?…..

After the rain cleared up late morning, we set off for Watchet, a small town on the Somerset coast. I had quite high expectations, I’m not sure why, but it kind of sounds quaint doesn’t it? Well I’m afraid it didn’t live up in reality, in my opinion it is a grubby little town with not a lot going for it, as far as I could see ( no offence to anyone who lives there or loves it!).

Still we are here, so we are going to make the best of it! There were a couple of nice sculptures on the quay side, ‘Yankee Jack’ and the ‘Ancient Mariner’.

As we went out on the harbour wall, baring in mind the tide was fairly well out, a stray splash came over the wall, we weren’t expecting that and as I exclaimed, a nearby fisherman assured me that the rest of the wall was quite safe but I’m afraid I live near Mullion and know how Harbour walls can catch you out, so we turned back, sharpish!

Watchet beach is a stony affair and didn’t hold a great appeal, so we followed the coastal path, up a narrow and fairly busy road to look at the remains of Daw’s Castle, but all that remains is a weed covered crumbly wall that could be anything! Though the view from up here back over Watchet, promised a beach beyond, so off we went.

Spotted this rather busy front garden on the way down – enough said!

Also this almost pretty collection of cottages by a stream.

On to Helwell Bay, just beyond Watchet, heading north, apparently popular for fossil hunters.

This was backed by a huge holiday park and was mud rather than sand and stone. Sharp stones as well, not the normal rounded pebbles so we only played for a short while, to give Poppydog a bit of a run around and then gave up!

Even the sea looked unwelcoming here, a sort of dirty brown colour!

Oh well, we’ve been and seen!

When we got back to site, the wind that had picked up and had pulled a couple of the awning pegs out of the ground, so as it was dry and the forecast is for a similar breezy day tomorrow, I decided to take the awning down and pack it away. I’m afraid it was cheap and lightweight and probably designed for better weather conditions, so I’ve probably made a bit of a boob here. Still it only took me about 10 minutes to take it down (perhaps that’s what they meant 10 minutes to take it down!) and no it did not fit back in the bag!

Two thoughts of the day both about percentages:

If there is only about a 23% chance of passing an exam, you would feel quite confident that you were likely to fail? Why then when you have 23% chance of rain – it does?!!!!!

Have you noticed that the road signs have started to indicate the steepness of a hill in percentages? 1 in 4, I get, but 23% leaves me trying to do the maths!

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