Dunster beach to Minehead……

Lovely morning, but clouded over from about lunchtime, still stayed dry so Ok by me. We parked up at Dunster Castle (NT car park) and took the footpath down to Dunster beach which was just over a mile away. The beach is long, with mostly sand and some pebble areas – on the map it is shown as submarine forest, but no sign of any trees!

We followed the beach towards Minehead, with a good bit of ‘off roading’ for Poppydog, alternately chasing the ball or birds looking to spend some quality time on the beach and have a good old wallow in the shallows!

When we ran out of sandy beach to walk on we joined the coastal path which just runs along the top of the stony sea barrier, firstly along a massive holiday complex and then the golf course, until you get to Minehead.

Well Minehead, what can we say? It’s clean, looks relatively up and coming with plenty of new build, all the usual arcades and a so so mostly sandy beach and a promenade running all the way round the crescent shaped, sheltered bay.

Butlin’s (which is huge) is clearly thriving with lots of new apartments and chalets (nothing remotely like Hi-Di-Hi) and the queue of arriving vehicles was continuous.

However if you carry on along the promenade to the harbour at the end, you get a whole different experience- a tranquil sleepy little quayside village with a small fleet of fishing boats, bobbing around in the shelter of the harbour wall.

Not surprisingly it was here that we chose to stop and enjoy for a while! We also wandered around the corner past the lifeboat station, just to check that a fab beach wasn’t hiding away – it wasn’t.

As we started on our return journey the tent like structure that is part of Butlin’s can clearly be seen on the horizon.

Oh yes and Minehead too has its own piece of sculpture.

A pair of hands holding a holey map!

It was a long albeit flat walk so we were very glad to see this – oh and we enjoyed our tea out in the gardens – oh yes a McDonald’s for me – sorry!

Two thoughts of the day:

Good day out at the seaside!

There is a Morrison’s, a Tesco’s and a Lidl all on the same site – what is the point of that?

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