Bossington to Hurlstone Point….

Well what a fab day! British summertime has arrived and long may it gloriously last! We thought that we had had a lie in this morning, until we arrived back from our walk 10 minutes before we started! I thought that was next weekend – oh well!

The sun was shining so we soon got on our way to Bossington, what a lovely little village all beautiful stone cottages, with huge chimneys?

And of course the odd goat!

From the NT car park we took the trail along to Hurlstone Point.

Enjoying the incredible views along Bossington beach.

And from Hurlstone Point as I imagined you could just see Lynmouth Lighthouse as a little blip on the furthermost headland – I used binoculars so you will just have to take my word for it!

We carried on around the point and ended up climbing up a very steep, narrow path, which I’m guessing is fine if you are a mountain goat, but as I am not, made me feel very uncomfortable! I don’t mind the height but as I am watching were I am putting my feet, I don’t like being able to see the steep drop down, if you get what I mean. Give me a wide pathway and I am good.

Still we got a glimpse down to Selworthy Sands (albeit at high tide, so no sand to be seen), enough to see that access would be beyond our capabilities!

Seeming to be the lesser of two evils, we carried on climbing, soon to be almost up with the parascenders, who were enjoying the thermals and certain fantastic views.

Once over the top of Hurlstone Combe, we were able to pause awhile and enjoy the sun and spectacular views before joining a much wider pathway back down.

As we entered the lower woody levels of the path, we spotted this little ray of promise, in amongst the trees.

We are back on site now and it is 5.40pm and the sun is still quite high in the sky – so we are enjoying our first glass of wine, outside in the sunshine, for a while. Long may it last!

Two thoughts of the day:

Having travelled up the road to Minehead a few times now, I see that it would have been doable with the caravan (though Dunster would have been a bit scary) and then we wouldn’t have needed to drive so far to reach the sea – ah well you live and learn!

I’ve spotted a McDonalds in Minehead so that is going to happen one day this week!

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