A walk to Dulverton……

Today was a grey day, all day, but at least it was dry and so for a change we decided to give the car a day off and follow the Exe Valley Way to Dulverton. We avoided a bit of the road into Exebridge by going through the Lakeside area of the site, checking on the geese and ducks on our way through.

We then had to walk a short distance on the roadside, before following the path around Hulverton Hill. Now this hillside bit was a nightmare, muddy in the extreme and I don’t mind admitting I was getting pretty teasy, especially as I had opted for walking boots as this was a longish walk, by the time we slithered our way back down into Brushford.

Fortunately the rest of the walk was through a wide valley, alongside the river Barle (not Exe – don’t ask me why this is the Exe Valley Way!), which was mostly dry underfoot and with plenty of Poppydog ‘off roading’ space so we were both happy by the time we reached Dulverton.

On the way we passed a salmon trap – how do they know how to use it?

Dulverton is quite a quaint, vibrant little town, with a fairly impressive town hall and busy little high street, full of independent little shops, boutiques and cafes.

There was also a statue of Lorna Doone, but other than that I couldn’t find anything else that caught my interest – oh that is apart from this little jewellers, which seems to sell all sorts of curios but not much in the way of jewellery!

We dodged the really mucky trail, by walking the much shorter route back along the roadside – not the most exciting day out but we did walk from Devon to Somerset and back!

Two thoughts of the day:

I’ve been faffing around uploading photos all evening as backing up to iCloud was taking forever – I really wish I wasn’t such a dinosaur when it comes to technology!

I’m too tired to have a second one now!

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