Dunster Castle and village…..

A sharp frost, welcomed us this morning, the sort of sparkly frost that reminds you of good fake Christmas trees and as the sun came up over the trees, everything glistened as we took our morning walk around the partly frozen lakes. It was quite amusing watching the ducks trying to work out how to get into the water, as they are not natural ice skaters!

Later we enjoyed the sunshine and a fabulous walk around Dunster Castle (NT) and the medieval village of Dunster. The lower grounds included a walk along a stream over the quaint ‘Lovers’ bridge to the working water mill where they were making flour that you could buy bags of (I passed up the opportunity as indeed what would I do with a bag of flour?).

We continued along to Gallox bridge and ford (unless you had a seriously high axled vehicle you would not want to try crossing the ford!).

From here we followed the street into Dunster itself, which was a delightful place, with lots of fascinating little shops and tea rooms, looked down on by the castle on one side and Conygar Tower on the other.

Leading to The 17th C Yarn Market Hall and tucked away up a side street the Butter Cross where surprisingly butter was traded!

We walked through the churchyard and on up to the castle, through the upper gardens.

There has been a castle on this site since 1066 (a hill fort before then), though as is the case with many old buildings, it has been added too, had bits knocked down and so on over the years. With amazing views over the Bristol Channel, we paused awhile to enjoy a cream tea in the hyacinth scented South Terrace.

Curiosity took us via the Pet Cemetery on the way down – what an enchanting little place – all those family dogs resting in peace from the 1940’s to the 1960’s.

The last place we visited was the old stable block, which was quite an elaborate affair, but great to see part of it being restyled and put to good use by the NT shop!

Two thoughts of the day:

I don’t normally indulge in a cream tea, as halfway through I generally wish I hadn’t, too heavy and too sweet for me!

The awning is still standing and attached by the way!

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