Exmoor as far as the eye can see…..

Well the day dawned bright and sunny after we had enjoyed a very peaceful nights sleep and after Poppydog had enjoyed a good scamper around the site dogwalk, upsetting a couple of pheasants and rabbits on the way, we decided to put up our awning for the first time. Well it is called a Rapido 220, and allegedly takes 10 minutes to put up! It took me 10 minutes to identify all the bits and match them to their description on the very brief instructions!


We did it – I am so going to know what I’m doing – soon!

As a reward for my efforts, we spent the afternoon sat in the sun, with a good book and a glass of wine! I wish! Poppydog was short changed on the walk front yesterday! So we set off to explore a little bit of Exmoor.

The views in every direction were just endless, not surprisingly we did not see a soul as we happily wandered down a track that was reasonably solid under foot, mindyou to be fair the breeze up here was bitter! We followed a sort of circular route which took as past the Caratacus Stone, ensconced in its own little folly. The stone is believed to date back to the 5th or 6th century to commemorate a descendant of the British King Caratacus who led a movement against the Romans in 43 – 51 AD – naturally the folly came along significantly later!

We carried on to the summit of Winscombe Hill to look for the Bronze Age burial mounds, known as the Wambarrows, which actually weren’t that impressive or obvious, but there you go.

The drive back took as past some pretty impressive snow banks and in several places the road was down to single carriageway, where the snow was lying at its thickest – certainly wouldn’t want to get stuck out here at night!

Two thoughts of the day:

Poppydog needs to learn some ‘not getting tangled up around things’ etiquette, or at least how to unravel herself when she has!

Now the sun has retired over the hill, 4.30pm, it is time to retire to the warmth of the van!

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