Should we start building an ark?……

What a complete wash out of a day, it literally has rained all day, not torrential rain that is dramatic to watch and experience, or mizzly rain that is just a bit irritating when you realise that you are actually wet, but that doesn’t really stop you doing anything, just persistent, wet rain that even a duck or highly excitable Springer would rather watch from the inside!

So we took the opportunity to embark on some serious planning for our Welsh adventure, which starts from Tredegar House on 29th April.

What we have been trying to work out, is where we can hide during the school holidays?

  • Ideally somewhere that has plenty of dog walks from the site
  • possibly too much to ask for but a dog friendly beach within walking distance?
  • somewhere that doesn’t really cater for families, as Poppydog tends to get a bit hysterical at the sound of children playing
  • somewhere that has loos and showers
  • oh yes and somewhere in mid Wales as that is roughly where we will be!

That is our simple and short shopping list – now I must get on!

Two thoughts of the day:

We must well be in credit for a decent summer?

For some reason the rain plays havoc with the TV reception?

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