What a lovely day out at Lynton and Lynmouth….

A lovely, mostly sunny day dawned, so we set off for Lynton, on a day out we had really been looking forward to!

With some rather spectacular buildings and twisty, windy little streets, there was much to gaze at and wander around in Lynton. The Town Hall and this cute little cinema to point out a few.

We wandered up through the trees to the top of Hollerday Hill, which sits up above Lynton and were spoilt by a beautiful peace and tranquility, on this calm sunny day and some stunning views.

With a glimpse of Wales, just apparent beneath a layer of cloud.

We then meandered down through Lynton, taking in the little shopping streets, with some very nice gift shops (sheepskin, wool and leather feature highly), in between little cafes and art galleries,

before wending our way down the steep hairpin bends to Lynmouth.

Past the entrance to the Glen Lyn Gorge (another day maybe), through the little arcade of shops, pick up a pasty and along the sea front to the beach.

It was lovely, sunny and surprisingly warm, so a good place to sit awhile and enjoy being, whilst keeping Poppydog amused by throwing stones! The beach is grey from the surrounding slate and really more pebbly than sandy.

As we walked back along the promenade, the first glimpse of the famous Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway which was opened in 1890 and is the tallest and steepest totally water powered railway in the world!

Indeed this was our chosen form of transport back up the hill! Wow and what a journey! It was £2.90 single (£3.90 return) and £1 for Poppydog, but the kindly stationmaster let Poppydog travel for free (as she is so small!) and gave her a doggy biscuit too! We stood outside the carriage and….

That will take some beating!

Back up in Lynton, we hunted down the Convent of the silent order of the St Clares, as it featured in a Whodunnit weekend, I attended with friends 20 odd years ago and I was just curious!

What a lovely day!

Two thoughts of the day:

Oh look High Street banking!

Is this Spring?

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