Westcountry Caravan and Motorhome Show at Exeter……

Well it was forecast to rain all day, so why not? I was quite excited at the prospect of wandering around the show, mainly to look at all the gizmos and gadgets, oh yes and maybe a small awning, and definitely some new wellies!

Poppydog was soon settled in the boot of the car, strangely she seems to be able to work out when we are on a long haul and only barks when the car slows down!

Anyhow we arrived, paid our £7.50 entrance fee and even though it was raining, wandered around the outside exhibits, mostly caravans (got one), motorhomes (had one) and campervans (still too small – but very trendy!) to give Poppydog a walk before going inside.

What a disappointment! Just more caravans (got one), motor…..you get the picture! No ‘must have’ gadgets or ‘I want one’ gizmos – the only things not falling into the above categories were a stall selling BBQ bags and beach bags, someone selling micro fleece towels (got them and they are great by the way) and a couple of stalls selling ‘wonder socks and gloves’ to cure all manner of aches and pains! The only awnings on display, were the ‘drive off ‘ kind, designed for campervans. So in other words nothing of any interest to me or Poppydog, so we wandered around another three times to get our monies worth and drove home!

Two thoughts of the day:

I’ve obviously been to too many county and agricultural shows in the past and assumed that these events would be the same!

I really do think it is time that it stopped raining ☔️

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