Westward Ho! to Appledore….

Well after yesterday’s mizzog day, what a lovely surprise to see the sun from mid morning and to enjoy a mild and dry day out. We started in Westward Ho! and followed the lane through Royal North Devon Golf Club – this was a bit of an ordeal as the combination of grazing sheep, small birds fluttering about and the odd flying golf ball had Poppydog swinging on the end of her lead like some demented pendulum. Such that I was tempted a couple of times to just let her go and create merry mayhem, while I wandered off in the opposite direction completely disowning her – what were my chances of getting away with that?

Still after a mile or so we crossed the dunes and pebble ridge onto the beach – which was huge!

It stretched in every direction almost as far as the eye could see and though there were quite a few people (and dogs) around, Poppydog had a good run about, occasionally letting me throw the ball, but mostly just running around in figure of eights with a ball in her mouth!

The sun was mostly shining and without much of a breeze, dare I say it? It was almost warm!

Westward Ho! itself, runs along the back of the beach and is mostly gift shops, surf hire, pubs and cafes, but there was an enormous amount of new building work going on, both holiday type and residential. Still with this lovely long stretch of golden sand – enough to go round even in the summer I guess.

We then had a wander around the neighbouring village of Appledore, a pretty village of painted terraces and narrow little streets.

The village runs along the tidal banks of the river Torridge, opposite Instow, and has a significant boat building history which remains active today. Again at low tide, plenty of exposed beach, though this appeared muddy in places and didn’t look that appealing (we are getting quite choosy!).

It was also very welcoming and the local advertising quite innovative!

Two thoughts of the day:

These little villages must really struggle to function in the height of the summer, the traffic jams must be horrendous!

I wonder if these huge beaches get packed in a nice day, or if you can still find some relative peace at the far ends?

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