Barricane beach in the rain…..

I know this isn’t a very popular thing to say, but come back snow all is forgiven! It has rained all day without any let up – still rather than let it dictate our day we visited Barricane beach, which was in my list of things to do, if we had time.

The beach is actually only separated from Woolacombe Sands by a rocky outcrop and at low tide, as it was today, it is possible to walk round for a short while. We used the concrete steps, set in the rock face at the back of the beach and were delighted to have the beach completely to ourselves.

We had a good wander around, taking in the waterfall at the back of the beach and the countless rock pools.

Oh to live in one of those houses, immediately above the beach, on days such as today, I could throw a ball out of the window onto the beach and let Poppydog exercise herself!

We lasted a good hour or so, by which time we were both soaked, my rain jacket doesn’t appear to be that rainproof any more and both wellies are definitely letting in water!!

Fortunately I have a new raincoat but it does look like I am on a wellie hunt – again!!! Roll on spring – it us time!

Two thoughts of the day:

I’m sure it has pretty much rained everyday since Christmas.

The van resembles a Chinese laundry (whatever one of them looks like!) and Poppydog is positively steaming, but we are warm and now dry, so we shall just have to turn the TV up to hear it over the rain!

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