Aaah the sea again….

When we woke up this morning, as forecast, the weather had turned milder (well above freezing anyway!) and the snow and ice had started to thaw. The standpipe is still refusing to defrost, but the water container has thawed enough for the pump to start working again so we have running water for the first time in three days!

Having stayed put for the last few days, because of the weather, it was nice to get out and see the sea at Woolacombe again.

Out and about on the roads, though now mostly clear (albeit very wet), I was quite surprised to such big drifts along the roadside and hedgerows and it is easy to see how cars have been stuck. I wrongly assumed that as there was only a slight covering down here on the site, that the neighbouring roads would tell the same story! Didn’t stop to get any pics I’m afraid.

Woolacombe Sands was practically deserted and in this light taken on a very pastel appearance with the ship in the bay adding drama to the pale yellow sand, pale greens and blues of the sea and pale grey sky.

And of course Poppydog not wishing to be left out, with a rather attractive scrap of orange ball hanging out her mouth, adds the final definition to the scene – don’t you think?

We enjoyed a lovely bracing walk along the beach and then took a last look back, from the dunes, as I’m not sure when we will be back this way again. I will say, this beach has now taken the top slot with me and Poppydog agrees!

Two thoughts of the day:

Imagine having Woolacombe Sands on your doorstep and aside from the minor inconvenience of having to take quite early and late walks in the summer, when the place is heaving with visitors, a veritable dog walkers paradise!

Popped into Tesco’s on the way home and many of the shelves were bare! Am guessing, as well as the lack of deliveries, a bit of panic buying has taken place! Managed to get what I wanted, so not a bother here!

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