The Beast from the East missed and storm Emma flew right over the top….

Well after being pitched on the edge of the Red Alert area and well and truly inside an Amber Alert, I did not expect to sleep through the night! However, when we awoke at 7, it was clear that no more snow had fallen and being nestled in the valley, the high winds were clearly blowing over the top, as could be seen in the trees at the top of the hill. So apart from still being frozen, we appear to have got away completely unscathed!

As we are good citizens, on the whole, we again took heed of the sensible advice to not venture out onto the roads unless necessary and so, apart from a couple of walks around the site, we stayed home.

For myself, I watched a bit of day time TV and read, whereas Poppydog was much more creative and indulged in a session of bird spotting

And more creatively a spot of ‘Nose Art’ on the caravan window

Delightful! So a good, albeit, lazyish day was had by all!

Two thoughts of the day:

I cannot imagine how cold and desperate it must have been, to have been stuck overnight in a car but how wonderful of all those people who ventured out of the warmth of their own homes to take food and hot drinks to those stranded.

Did anyone who voted ‘out’ at the Brexit referendum have any idea how bored we would all become with the constant ‘yawing’ of our politicians? (Daytime TV!)

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