Watchet to Doniford but didn’t quite make it to St Audries Bay….

Having rained all night it eventually dried up around lunchtime so we decided to take a chance and visit St Audries Bay, which is the last beach in this area. We drove to Doniford but were almost back in Watchet by the time we found somewhere to park and after about half a mile of road walking we found the coastal path. Firstly we walked along Doniford Bay, which is really just the other end of Helwell Bay and still as unattractive, I’m afraid.

Yes Poppydog is barking, because I didn’t bring a ball with me!!!! We walked as far as we could, before a deep and fast flowing stream and a holiday park along the top cut us off and so we had to about turn! We then spent a frustrating hour or so, following the coastal path as it appeared to disappear into the huge holiday park. The holiday park was my biggest nightmare- rows and rows of static caravans all on top of each other, with a big entertainment complex in the middle – we dodged gangs of kids, bored looking families, neat little manicured pooches and worst of all encountered 3 groups bouncing a football which had Poppydog screeching and swinging around on a very short lead, absolutely beside herself!! Needless to say we got out of there double quick! We still failed to pick up the coastal path and then at the third attempt of walking up and down- we found a ‘footpath closure due to land slip notice’. This involved a huge detour along the roadside so I’m afraid we gave it a miss! Instead we wandered along to have a look at Doniford Halt, the small but perfectly formed little Station.

The West Somerset Railway, is a 20 mile heritage line, running from Bishops Lydeard to Minehead. I must admit the sound of a steam train chugging through the valley is quite unique and very jolly!

Two thoughts of the day:

The river Exe looks fit to burst and that is just at this end! It was a raging, light brown torrent this morning, when we took our morning walk (in the rain!).

How can I cure Poppydog of this absolute hysteria when she encounters or even hears in the distance a football bouncing?

Rain so stopped play…..

Well you have to feel so sorry for all those poor folk who have taken the opportunity for a quick break over Easter, I know we are resilient holidayers but wall to wall rain all day? Really! At one point it was even snowing heavily, not settling at all but snowing non the less.

Poor Poppydog has had her snout well and truest glued (literally!) to the window all day just watching the rain!

Whereas I have been busy sorting photos, creating and uploading a new beaches guide to this blog (not finished but check it out anyway) and planning our summer welsh adventure! So all in all not a bad day for either of us!

Two thoughts of the day:

I would not want to be in a Campervan today, it seems every time they want to do anything they are in and out like yoyo’s!

So far Somerset is not fairing very well on the beach front, I wander what the next couple of weeks will bring, up near Western Super Mare?

Blue Anchor Bay whilst dodging the rain…..

The day started well, but unfortunately by mid morning the heavens opened and it look set for the rest of the day, however it stopped raining for a couple of hours in the afternoon, so we seized the moment and dashed to Blue Anchor Bay.

This is a long stretch of sandy (low tide) and pebbly beach, which really is a continuation of Dunster Beach. It would make for a nice long walk from here to Minehead all on the level and at lowish tide would be possible all along the sand. The beauty of here is that the parking was all free! Though I guess you might struggle to find space during the summer?

Still it gave us both a good exercise and taste of fresh air, so as the black clouds rolled back in, we decided to roll back out!

Two thoughts of the day:

The caravans are certainly rolling in here tonight – some of them are huge!

I haven’t mentioned this yet but there are pheasants everywhere, as you drive along they are on the roadside, in the neighbouring fields and quite often on the roads- there are roadsigns along the way asking you to be aware of them – but why so many?

A wander along the river at Exebridge ….

Wet start to the day, but fortunately it cleared up again by lunchtime. We have had a busy day sorting out all the photos that I have taken since we have been on our travels, so we left the car at home and took a stroll through the lakeside on site to check on the ducks and geese.

Then out into the village, which incidentally is half in Devon and half in Somerset and took the Devon route along the river.

We did a bit of lamb spotting – how cute are they?

We followed the footpath along the river as far as it took us and just enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Two thoughts of the day:

Where has the spring weather gone?

Poppydog is flat out, TV is rubbish, bed and a good book sounds in order!

Watchet – why?…..

After the rain cleared up late morning, we set off for Watchet, a small town on the Somerset coast. I had quite high expectations, I’m not sure why, but it kind of sounds quaint doesn’t it? Well I’m afraid it didn’t live up in reality, in my opinion it is a grubby little town with not a lot going for it, as far as I could see ( no offence to anyone who lives there or loves it!).

Still we are here, so we are going to make the best of it! There were a couple of nice sculptures on the quay side, ‘Yankee Jack’ and the ‘Ancient Mariner’.

As we went out on the harbour wall, baring in mind the tide was fairly well out, a stray splash came over the wall, we weren’t expecting that and as I exclaimed, a nearby fisherman assured me that the rest of the wall was quite safe but I’m afraid I live near Mullion and know how Harbour walls can catch you out, so we turned back, sharpish!

Watchet beach is a stony affair and didn’t hold a great appeal, so we followed the coastal path, up a narrow and fairly busy road to look at the remains of Daw’s Castle, but all that remains is a weed covered crumbly wall that could be anything! Though the view from up here back over Watchet, promised a beach beyond, so off we went.

Spotted this rather busy front garden on the way down – enough said!

Also this almost pretty collection of cottages by a stream.

On to Helwell Bay, just beyond Watchet, heading north, apparently popular for fossil hunters.

This was backed by a huge holiday park and was mud rather than sand and stone. Sharp stones as well, not the normal rounded pebbles so we only played for a short while, to give Poppydog a bit of a run around and then gave up!

Even the sea looked unwelcoming here, a sort of dirty brown colour!

Oh well, we’ve been and seen!

When we got back to site, the wind that had picked up and had pulled a couple of the awning pegs out of the ground, so as it was dry and the forecast is for a similar breezy day tomorrow, I decided to take the awning down and pack it away. I’m afraid it was cheap and lightweight and probably designed for better weather conditions, so I’ve probably made a bit of a boob here. Still it only took me about 10 minutes to take it down (perhaps that’s what they meant 10 minutes to take it down!) and no it did not fit back in the bag!

Two thoughts of the day both about percentages:

If there is only about a 23% chance of passing an exam, you would feel quite confident that you were likely to fail? Why then when you have 23% chance of rain – it does?!!!!!

Have you noticed that the road signs have started to indicate the steepness of a hill in percentages? 1 in 4, I get, but 23% leaves me trying to do the maths!