Winter Wonderland at Hidden Valley……

So excited to see the snow still here this morning, a little more had fallen, sometime during the night as all our footprints from yesterday evening had gone.

At first Poppydog just peered out the door at the whiteness, but once she realised that we were venturing out, she was off!! Scampering about like a pendulum at the end of the lead, so once we got to the unused field on site, I gave her ‘freedombird’ and she was away!

We watched the sun come over the hill, into the valley, Poppydog chased scents across the fresh snow (my ignorance but I didn’t think there would be any?) and the odd hapless small bird who happened to make their presence known until my toes and fingers said enough was enough!

On our return to the caravan, I realised the water container had partially frozen, preventing the pump from supplying us with water, as indeed had the nearby standpipe – shock horror! Anyone who knows me, knows I need my tea and that need can make me quite creative, so a kettle full of boiling water, fetched from the dishwashing area, poured over the standpipe soon had us back in business (and I am already prepared for tomorrow with a full kettle of fresh water on standby!).

I have decided that we shall stay put during this cold snap, as there is no point in adding to the traffic, if we don’t need to, also many of the lanes we have been travelling along to reach our walks are well off the beaten track and likely to be icy. Instead we took the opportunity to go for a long walk through the neighbouring woods (which we dismissed last week as being way too muddy) and enjoyed our very own Winter Wonderland.

On the way we captured this pretty lilac coloured heather, snuggling in the snow.

The moss growing on this tree stump, glistening in the sun.

And a lone random icicle just hanging from a branch.

And now we are back in the warm again, just as it starts to snow – I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Two thoughts of the day:

How nice to not be under any pressure to do or go anywhere in this weather!

If it snows enough, do you think the dirt on my car will just slide off with it?

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