Hunter’s Inn – well actually he wasn’t!……

Another chilly day as promised, but apart from the odd little flurry (well flutter really) of snow, a beautiful sun shiny day.

After a couple of easy days, we thought we would tackle a longer walk today and so we set of for the NT car park at Hunter’s Inn in Heddon Valley.

Basking in the sunshine, the Hunter’s Inn looked very welcoming, but closed! Not that we were intending to go in, just curious- anyhow we had a wonderful walk, here we took the soft option of a wide track, wending it’s way slowly up the side of the valley along the side of the hill all the way down to Woody Bay (which incidentally is suitable for mobility scooters). The track works its way through woodland at first.

Once above the woodland, you get a fabulous first view of Heddon Mouth and back over the surrounding hills.

On our way up the hillside we were accompanied by a cheeky robin, it felt like we were in Bambi! To say our guide was driving Poppydog wild is putting it mildly, until the savvy little robin dropped behind us and brought up the rear!

Up on the top, the views were just beautiful, looking across to Wales, watching the cloud shadows and little snow flurries move across the sea – breathtaking!

Up above Woody Bay the view along the coast towards Lynmouth afforded the first glimpse of our next Lighthouse and a rock arch down in the greens blue sea.

Look at this structurally beautiful gnarly (no silent g as it is more descriptive) oak.

When we got back down to the Hunter’s Inn, we followed the river Heddon down to Heddon Mouth. The tide was fully in so I’m not sure what the beach is like – but not a bother, we have had a fantastic long walk and barely seen another soul.

Two thoughts of the day:

We are still very warm and cozy inside, in spite of the extreme conditions outside.

I was toying with the idea of ‘chasing the snow’ – hey no need!!!!

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