Combe Martin – who?….

Well they forecast cold and guess what? We got cold – when Poppydog and I set out for our morning jog- sorry I meant stroll, her water bowl was frozen, so I emptied it out and put fresh water in and by the time we got back it had frozen over again! So we were mighty glad to get back inside and get cozy again!

Still we had a lazy day yesterday, so after some superhuman strength to go and get a shower in the chilly shower block (the showers themselves are nice and hot, fortunately) we set out to visit Combe Martin.

I visited Combe Martin, many years ago as a child and remember it quite fondly, however allowing for the fact that that was in the middle of the summer holidays and this us midwinter, time has not been kind. The village sprawls along the main road and can by no stretch of the imagination be described as pretty! Nearly everything was closed and in many cases, by the looks of things, more permanently than seasonally. The only exception being the freshly painted pub/B&B the Pack of Cards.

I remember being fascinated by the place and counting the 52 windows, 13 chimneys and 4 doors – but oh how disappointing, quite a few of the windows have been filled in and chimneys are missing – I didn’t bother popping in to see if the internal decor made up for this! So we pressed on to the beach instead.

This indeed was as calm and sheltered as I remembered, no surfing to be had here, but it all looked just a little drab and unloved- maybe the summer sunshine lifts the place? The beach is a mixture of fine sand and small stones, though I did manage to find a small hoard of sea glass whilst playing with Poppydog, so all was not lost!

Well all I can say is that I’m glad I didn’t pay to park the car!

Two thoughts of the day:

How sad to see places so run down, yet judging by all the camp / caravan parks in the area it must be heaving in the summer months!

Why are current day housing estates allowed to be built, such that they will not wear well with time, just look neglected and ugly very quickly?

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