From Hele to Watermouth Warren…….

Frosty again this morning, but sun glorious sun, so the day can be forgiven for not warming up much! We parked up above Hele which is really just an extension of Ilfracombe, with great views back over Hele and on to the terrain that is today’s walk and I must say not looking overly level!

And indeed it wasn’t level in the slightest – I for one would be quite happy just to wander along the top looking down and don’t always feel the same need as the coastal path to follow every up and down and roundabout that every headland offers!

The footpath was very muddy and slippery in places and very soon I was carrying an extra couple of kilos on each boot of good old Devonshire mud! Still all good for the exercise I guess and good for the soul we’re these breathtaking views.

We meandered up and down, passing the pretty little cove of Widmouth with its private beach (can you have a private beach in this country?).

Until around the corner was our destination Watermouth and the Warren across the bay.

The beach at Watermouth didn’t look very appealing, appearing to be more of a harbour really.

So we wandered around onto the Warren to look at the strange round lookout hut at the end.

On the return journey we had a look at Watermouth Castle which is now a family attraction, though not open until Easter, not very impressive as far as castles are concerned, I’m sure we will find better!

The bus stop outside was quite tempting, but no, the sun is still shining and I’m sure we have got enough in us to make it back – shame that yet again I forgot to pack an apple!

Funnily enough the walk back was just as far, but with the sun on our faces and the cold wind behind us, Hele Bay was soon in sight.

Two thoughts of the day:

Am day dreaming about the flatness of Norfolk but in reality that is a few years down the line yet!

I feel an easy day coming on!

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