Down in Fuchsia Valley sits the pretty village of Lee…..

Sharp frost again this morning but a beautifully bright and clear sunny day was enjoyed. The temperature remained cold and in sheltered spots the frost lingered all day but it was very pleasant walking, especially with the sun on your face.

We set off for the small coastal village of Lee, which is nestled in Fuchsia Valley (would be lovely to see it in bloom) with a pretty Church and a few thatched cottages leading down to the sea.

The small cove is mostly slate and rocky outcrops, though as you will see, when we returned at low tide some sandy areas were exposed,

We headed up (and it was a very big up!) the coastal path, which follows a lane most of the way up the hill, until you pass The Blue Mushroom (sorry no idea)!

The path then continues along the top through grassland with gorse clusters and the most spectacular, long distance views back to Bull Point and beyond in one direction.

And looking towards Little Hangman Hill and Greater Hangman Cairn, beyond Ilfracombe, in the other

We used Shag Point as our halfway marker and sat for a while in the beautiful sunshine just looking at all that sea!

Before wending our way back down to Lee and enjoying a bit of Poppydog time on the now exposed sand before the sun crept out of the valley.

We also explored through the gaps in the exposed rocks, from which there are some carved out steps up the rock face to the top of the village – but we weren’t tempted!

We returned home, happy, tired yet refreshed!

Two thoughts of the day:

A sharp decline is harder on the body than the corresponding incline – why is that?

Lee would be a lovely place to stay and get away from it all out of season, but probably a tad chaotic otherwise!

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