Our first lighthouse – Bull Point…….

Quite a sharp frost, greeted us this morning and it looked as though we were going to have another lovely sunny day, unfortunately not, though not bad it was mostly overcast but dry and wind free.

Today we drove back to Mortehoe and from there walked over hills and down dales to see our first lighthouse (since we decided to make a point if seeing them that is!), Bull Point.

Rebuilt in 1972, as the original built in 1879 was lost to a landfall, to warn ships of the jagged, near vertical, slate rocks lying beneath. The original keepers cottages are now holiday lets and the lighthouse itself is not open to the public.

From there we walked along the path to view Bennett’s Mouth down a deep grassy valley.

Before retracing our steps to the lighthouse and beyond following the coastal path to Rockham Beach, down yet another set of scarily steep steps! At least these steps went all the way down, without the need to abseil down the last bit on a length of rope!

The beach itself was mostly very fine bits of slate, rather than sand (apart from a small bit in the middle at low tide), but perfectly adequate for a game of ‘fetch’ whilst we wandered around psyching ourselves up for all those steps back up! Usually I try and give myself a clear run at steps, so that I can stop to admire the view (ok catch my breath!) part way up, but unluckily for me, as I was on the way up a group of walkers appeared at the top, waiting, so I had to press on! Needless to say, when I got to the top, panting like a goodun they decided that the steps were not for them after all! I managed to make it round the corner out of sight, before collapsing in a heap to recover!!

We continued round the coast for a bit, until a branch of the path took us back up through a valley to Mortehoe, with a pretty little well waiting for us at the top.

Shall we be polite and say an exhilarating round trip!

Two thoughts of the day:

Poppydog got lucky to be ‘off roading’ again today as the footpaths tended to be away from the cliffs and not a fluffy four legged creature was in sight!

I wonder if at some point I will find these 5 or 6 mile jaunts a breeze?

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